Award terms and conditions





Funding Restrictions

SAO-FRA will award grant applications for research performed in non-profit organizations only. Funds are awarded to the authorized organization and not to the Principle Investigator or his/her coworkers. However, SAO-FRA requires that all funds are solely used for research and not for overhead, administrative costs or any other peripheral cost. SAO-FRA will only fund the proposed research that was described in the Research Plan in the awarded grant application.



Researchers who are administrator or director in another foundation, fund or institute that raises money for dementia or Alzheimer research will not be entitled to apply for a grant of SAO-FRA, because of ethical standards. However, demands of these organizations, foundations, funds, institutes, etc., for cooperation with SAO-FRA will be thoroughly examined by the Board of Directors and the Scientific Advisory Board of SAO-FRA. The Alzheimer Research Foundation is open to all proposals for cooperation.


Entitle to recuperation of Award Funding

Although SAO-FRA has committed funds for the stated term of the SAO-FRA Award, it reserves the right to recuperate the award funding if the research performed is found to violate accepted scientific and ethical practices or is in breach of any of the terms and obligations stated herein.


Legal Assurances and Certifications

SAO-FRA will only award grant applications that fulfill all ethical and legal requirements for research using human subjects and/or vertebrate animals in a research environment that protects both the safety of the researcher and the environment. A signed approval of the appropriate ethical committee for human or animal experimentation is mandatory before funds are released. The signed approval(s) should be written in English and should state the name of the Principle Investigator, the Title of the Awarded Grant Application, the SAO-FRA Award Number and Award Period.


Overlapping Financial Support

SAO-FRA does not allow SAO-FRA funds to be used for research funded by another source without its expressed full knowledge and permission. Failure to report available financial support provided by other funding agencies may require, as determined at the sole discretion of SAO-FRA, the return of all funds awarded by SAO-FRA. Furthermore, the authorized organization of the Principle Investigator is responsible for all costs spent by SAO-FRA in obtaining the return of funds, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees incurred.


Sharing of Biological Reagents

SAO-FRA believes that biological reagents (e.g. recombinant DNA clones, cultured cell lines, hybridoma cell lines, mutant or unique model organisms, etc.) developed partly or completely during the course of SAO-FRA-sponsored research must be made available to qualified investigators after publication of data using or describing these reagents.

These (bio)-materials represent a valuable resource for the scientific community at large, paid for by the generous contributions of SAO-FRA’s donors. The availability of these reagents directly affects the ability of members of the scientific community to replicate the experiments.

Therefore, SAO-FRA requires that the Principal Investigator and the authorized organization accept the responsibility of providing biological reagents developed during the course of SAO-FRA-sponsored research when reasonably requested to do so by other investigators.


Public Education

SAO-FRA is a private non-profit charity organization funded by donor contributions, and has an active public education program that informs donors and other interested individuals about awarded research. Information provided to the public by SAO-FRA may include the title of the awarded grant application, name, affiliation and photograph of the Principal Investigator, the amount of the award, and the nontechnical description of the research in Flemish or French. Therefore, the non-technical description must be provided and send to SAO/FRA ( within 1 (one) month after the approval of the grant. Acceptance of the award shall be deemed consent by the Principal Investigator and the authorized organization to publication of this general information on awarded grant applications.





Award Budget Payments Scheme

Grant applications are to be submitted for 2-year periods. The start date of an awarded grant application is January 1st of the year following its selection. Funds are paid per year of the investigation. Second year will only be paid after reception of all needed and duly signed official documents (award payment form, award terms and conditions, award budget table and the required assurances and certifications).

Funds are paid in accordance with the approved budget table, which has to be signed by the principal investigator, the financial officer and certified by the chair of the Board of Directors of SAO-FRA


Allowable Revisions of an Award Budget

A transfer of less than € 10.000 between budget categories does not require prior approval by the SAO-FRA. Transfers of more than € 10.000 are acceptable from one budget category to another eligible budget category (personnel and/or supplies). Budget transfer requests must be made in writing to the SAO-FRA Scientific Secretariat, by completing a Revised Award Budget Table form showing the originally approved budget amounts as well as the proposed revised budget amounts per category. The Revised Award Budget Table should be accompanied by a detailed budget justification for each allowable inter-category transfer of > € 10.000.


Extension of an Award Period

SAO-FRA prefers that the Award Budget is spent in a timely manner in accordance with the proposed research described in the Research Plan presented in the original and/or revised grant application.

If more than 20% of the total Award Budget is remaining at the end of the Award Period, a written request to extend the Award Period by one year must be made to SAO-FRA Scientific Secretariat when submitting the final scientific progress report. This request should provide an explanation for the remaining budget balance and how the remaining balance per category will be used in the award extension year, together with a Revised Award Budget Table and explanatory budget justification for each budget category.

An extension of the Award Period has no effect on the original amount of the Award Budget in such that no additional funds can be obtained. Also, the extension year has no effect on the Award Terms and Conditions for Awards signed by the Principle Investigator and the officials of his/her authorized organization.

A new grant application cannot be considered in case it overlaps in time with an extension period of a previously allocated Award. Also, for each extension year a financial and scientific report will be required. In case an extension of the Award Period is rejected, the authorized officials of the organization will receive a request to return the remaining funds to SAO-FRA within 30 days.


Transfer of an Award

In the event of a Principal Investigator moving away from his/her authorized organization, funding by SAO-FRA can be continued only if the proposed research as described in the Research Plan of the awarded grant application can be continued in the same research environment.

A new Principle Investigator has to be assigned who is a member of the research team and peer or senior to the resigning one. The new Principle Investigator has to confirm in writing that he/she will take over the full scientific responsibility for the continuation of the proposed research in agreement with the Award Terms and Conditions.


Submission of Financial and Scientific Reports

The 1st year scientific progress report is mandatory. After the second award year, SAO-FRA demands a final financial statement and final scientific report covering both award years. Reports have to be submitted no later than February 28th, and will be evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Board. In case the financial statement and scientific progress or final reports are not received or unsatisfactory, the Principle Investigator, as well as the Authorized Organization Official will be notified that further support by SAO-FRA could be compromised.

SAO-FRA will provide forms for submission of the financial statements. The financial statement has to be signed by the Principal Investigator and the financial official of the Principle Investigator’s authorized organization. In case, during the duration of the award period, a change in authorized officials occurs, the SAO-FRA should be informed immediately. The financial statement has to be in agreement with the SAO-FRA Award Payment and Award Terms and Conditions.

SAO-FRA will also provide forms for submission of the scientific progress and final reports. All scientific publications resulting from research sponsored by SAO-FRA should explicitly acknowledge the financial support by the “Alzheimer Research Foundation (SAO-FRA)”. Electronic reprints of publications acknowledging SAO-FRA support should be sent by e-mail to the SAO-FRA Scientific Secretariat as soon as the publication appeared E-Pub and/or in print. Preferentially, reprints of publications acknowledging support of SAO-FRA should be submitted as they become available.

Important: A summary of the publication must be provided directly to SAO-FRA ( in the principal investigator’s mother tongue and in common words.



Support duty to SAO-FRA


If asked and needed by SAO-FRA, all awardees agree to give a lecture about their own scientific research and/or the Alzheimer’s disease in general.

All appointments will be made in dialogue and after agreement between the awardee and SAO-FRA. Travel costs will be paid by SAO-FRA to principal investigators (standard grant awardees). The pilot grant awardees will receive an amount of €300 on top of the travel costs.


Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of SAO-FRA

Prof. Peter-Paul De Deyn


SAO-FRA Scientific secretariat

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Contact : Kim Plasman

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